Program 543: Cities for Solo Travelers; Achtung Baby; Open Phones

Release Date: 11-03-2018


A New York Times travel writer recommends four great cities for solo travelers, and the best time of year to visit them. Then the author of "Achtung Baby" tells us of her family's relocation to Berlin, and what she learned about Germans' hands-off approach to child rearing. And listeners share their travel plans and experiences for trips to Turkey, Hungary, and Sicily.


  • New York Times travel writer Stephanie Rosenbloom, author of "Alone Time" (Viking-Penguin)
  • Sara Zaske, author of "Achtung Baby" (Picador)

Additional Info

  • Stephanie's book "Alone Time" is also available as an audio download by Viking Books. 
  • Sara Zaske writes about her experience, raising toddlers in the parenting atmosphere of Germany, in her book "Achtung Baby."
  • Sara has also written about parenting in Germany for several major US publications.  
  • Berlin places bronze stolpersteine, or "stumbling stones," in the sidewalk, to remind you of people who were taken during the Holocaust.