Program 544: Bulgarian Feast; Gascony Gastronomy; Italian Olive Oil

Release Date: 11-17-2018


Find out what made Bulgaria one of Europe's most interesting places to eat. Food writer David McAninch reveals what makes the culinary traditions of Gascony tastier than in the rest of France. Plus, discover what Italians expect in a good olive oil.


  • Bulgarian tour guide Stefan Bozadzhiev
  • Food writer David McAninch, author of "Duck Season" (Harper Collins)
  • Italy-based tour guides Ann Long from Sorrento and Alfio diMauro from Sicily

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Program Extras

More with Alfio DiMauro - Rick asks Sicilian tour guide Alfio DiMauro about the variety of olives you can find for sale in southern Italy. (runs 1:53)