Program 548a: German Christmas Markets; Christmas Memories Madrid, Sicily, Ireland, Hebrides

Release Date: 12-19-2020


Brighten your socially distanced holidays by looking at the extra observances our friends in Europe normally celebrate this time of year. Listen in as Rick's friends from Germany, Spain, Sicily, Ireland, and Scotland tell us how they have traditionally enjoyed the holidays where they live.


  • German tour guides Iris Andre and Fabian Rueger
  • Madrid-based tour guides Amanda Buttinger, Federico Garcia Barroso,
  • Sicily-based tour guide Alfio di Mauro
  • Ireland-based tour guides Dara Herlihy and Cathie Ryan
  • Scotland-based tour guide James Macletchie

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Program Extras

More with Cathie Ryan & Dara Herlihy - Cathie Ryan from County Louth and Dara Herlihy from County Kerry share childhood memories of Christmas in Ireland. (runs 1:59)