Program 550: Expats in Italy; Maeve in America

Release Date: 01-05-2019


Americans who've made a new home for themselves in Italy explain what took them to the land of "bella chaos," and how they make it work. Then Irish comedian Maeve Higgins describes her adjustment to American ways after moving to New York from a small town in County Cork.


  • Ann Long, tour guide from the Amalfi Coast region of Italy
  • Anna Piperato, tour guide from Tuscany, Italy
  • Maeve Higgins, author of "Maeve in America" (Penguin)

Additional Info

  • Ann Long can be contacted for tours in Italy through her Facebook page. 
  • Art historian Anna Piperato leads tours of Siena in Tuscany.
  • Maeve Higgins is the author of "Maeve in America."
  • Maeve also hosts a podcast in which she interviews other immigrants to the United States. There are video and audio clips of her appearances on other programs on her website.
  • Maeve Higgins' hometown in Ireland is Cobh (formerly Queenstown), in County Cork.  Among its attractions are a Heritage Centre, which documents Irish emigration, and a Titanic Experience exhibit.

Haiku Awards

Winter Haiku

Winter in Rouen
Memories of warmth and love
Apples and Monet!
— Pamela Burton, Coral Springs, Florida.


Miles in my Berlin
Winter morning cold at best.
Bundle up.  I am off.
— Ally McLean, Berlin.


Navigating Rome
Still the Eternal City
Even with the flu…

The hotel clerk smiles
"Rooms are cold in November
This is widely known!"

I am in Paris
While my impatient luggage
Flies on to Oslo…
— Don Nelson, Hilliard, Ohio