Program 550a: Expats in Italy; Maeve in America

Release Date: 01-16-2021


American ex-pats tell us why they chose to make a new home for themselves in Italy — and how they make it work. And Irish comedian Maeve Higgins explains what it's been like moving to New York from a small town in County Cork and getting accustomed to American ways. She also tells us about the stories of fellow immigrants that she has gotten to know.


  • Ann Long, tour guide from the Amalfi Coast region of Italy
  • Anna Piperato, tour guide from Tuscany, Italy
  • Comedian Maeve Higgins, author of "Maeve in America" (Penguin)

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Haiku Awards

Winter Haiku


Winter in Rouen
Memories of warmth and love
Apples and Monet!

— Pamela Burton, Coral Springs, Florida.


Miles in my Berlin
Winter morning cold at best.
Bundle up.  I am off.

— Ally McLean, Berlin. 


Navigating Rome
Still the Eternal City
Even with the flu…

The hotel clerk smiles
"Rooms are cold in November
This is widely known!"

I am in Paris
While my impatient luggage
Flies on to Oslo…

— Don Nelson, Hilliard, Ohio