Program 552: London on a Budget; Why Not Russia; Somali Pirates

Release Date: 01-26-2019


Michael Scott Moore tells us what it was like to spend nearly three years as a captive of Somali pirates. Travel writer Robert Reid thinks American media have a blind spot about travel to Russia. He tells us why he finds it an affordable and friendly country. Plus, guides from London share budget travel tips to help you enjoy their expensive city.


  • Tom Hooper, Jeanie Carmichael, Robert Halkett, certified tour guides from London
  • Travel writer Robert Reid
  • Michael Scott Moore, author of "The Desert and the Sea" (Harper Wave)

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Program Extras

London - Rick and our London guests talk to flight attendant Lynn, from Coral Springs, Florida, who claims to possess “the knowledge” – which is the exhaustive comprehension of the city's streets that is required of all London cabbies. (runs 1:15)

Russia - Travel writer Robert Reid and Rick discuss how easy and inexpensive it is to use Uber and smartphones in Moscow. Also, Rick recommends jumping ship on your northern Europe cruise to spend a few extra days in St. Petersburg, although it will require a visa. (runs 1:33)

Michael Scott Moore - Michael Scott Moore explains to Rick how he was able to forgive his captors, after hearing a sermon from Pope Francis on the radio. He describes how surreal it was for his guards to be watching the newly-released movie about Somali pirates, "Captain Phillips" on their smartphones, while they were holding him hostage. (runs 4:45)