Program 553: Curry Nation; Young China

Release Date: 02-02-2019


Actress and cookbook author Madhur Jaffrey explains why clichés about British food are out of date — thanks mainly to the influence from immigrants. And the founder of the Young China Global Group explains what he's discovered about China's millennials — and about how their expectations for the future are changing China, and the world.


  • Actress Madhur Jaffrey, author of "Madhur Jaffrey's Curry Nation" (Ebury Press) and "At Home with Madhur Jaffrey" (Knopf)
  • Zak Dychtwald, founder of the Young China Global Group and author of "Young China" (St. Martin's Press)

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More with Madhur Jaffrey - Actress Madhur Jaffrey is known for her many helpful cookbooks on Indian food. She tells Rick why mustard seeds are like a "Jekyll and Hyde" of spices. (runs 1:29)