Program 554: Why I Love Rome; Garden Lust; Mountain Switzerland

Release Date: 02-09-2019


Hear why Romans love their city, even with all its flaws. Then take a deep breath of fresh audio air as author and garden designer/director Christopher Woods tells us about his favorite contemporary botanical gardens around the world. And listen in for advice on visiting Switzerland and hiking in the Alps.


  • Nina Bernardo, Francesca Caruso, and Susanna Perrucchini, tour guides based in Rome
  • Garden expert Christopher Woods, author of "Garden Lust" (Timber Press)
  • Tour guides Don Chmura

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Haiku Awards

Riga collapses
green nets hold it together,
keeps buildings intact.
— Rebecca Saffron, San Diego, California 


Greece was calling me
Where history was first taught
— Nick Popolo, Staten Island, New York


I'm half Italian
My blood is from Vicenza
You're in big trouble!
— Chris White, Marlborough-on-Hudson, New York