Program 554a: Why I Love Rome; Garden Lust; Mountain Switzerland

Release Date: 05-29-2021


There's something about the city of Rome that lets you know you get to be part of its incredible history. On the next Travel with Rick Steves, we'll hear how the locals love their city, even with all its flaws. The author of "Garden Lust" tells us about his favorite contemporary botanical gardens around the world. And we get advice for hiking and touring in the Swiss Alps.


  • Nina Bernardo, Francesca Caruso, and Susanna Perrucchini, tour guides based in Rome
  • Urban botanical expert Christopher Woods, author of "Garden Lust" (Timber Press)
  • Tour guides Don Chmura

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Haiku Awards

Riga collapses
green nets hold it together,
keeps buildings intact.
— Rebecca Saffron, San Diego, California 


Greece was calling me
Where history was first taught
— Nick Popolo, Staten Island, New York


I'm half Italian
My blood is from Vicenza
You're in big trouble!
— Chris White,  Marlborough-on-Hudson, New York