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Program 556: Flamenco Fan; Four Seasons in Lesotho; Faux Pas

Release Date: 03-09-2019


A flamenco enthusiast from Sweden explains her lifelong passion for the fiery dance traditions of southern Spain. Then writer Will McGrath tells us what he learned from his neighbors while living in southern Africa's small mountainous nation of Lesotho. And Rick checks in with listeners to hear how the mistakes they've made as travelers became openings to connect with local culture.


  • Stockholm-based tour guide Åsa Danielsson
  • Will McGrath, author of "Everything Lost Is Found Again" (Dzanc Books) 

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Haiku Awards

"Window Seat" Haiku  

The earth cracked and split
a maze called the Grand Canyon
river's course defined 

Patches round and square
farmer's geometric art
patterns on the earth 

Seventy below
ice crystals on the window
evidence of cold 

Lily pads of ice
floating in frigid waters
Not a place for frogs 

Walk upon the clouds
body's impossible dream
playground of my mind
— Donnie Willett, San Diego