Program 561: Green Oslo; English Cathedrals; Slovenian Cuisine

Release Date: 04-20-2019


Find out why Oslo has proudly been declared 2019's "European Green Capital." Then hear all about England's most beautiful and historically important cathedrals, from Canterbury's to the York Minster. And get a taste of the comfort foods you can savor in Slovenia, where the culinary influences of neighboring countries add variety to the menu.


  • Pal Johansen, tour guide from Oslo
  • Gillian Chadwick, tour guide from Sussex, England
  • Roy Nicholls, tour guide from Dorset, England
  • Tina Hiti, tour guide from Lake Bled, Slovenia 
  • Marijan Kriskovic, tour guide from Ljubljana, Slovenia

Additional Info

  • Oslo, Norway was awarded "European Green Capital for 2019" by the European Commission. 
  • The cathedrals discusssed today include Wells Cathedral in Somerset, Lincoln Cathedral in Lincolnshire, Winchester Cathedral in Hampshire, York Minster in York, Canterbury Cathedral in Kent, Salisbury Cathedral in Wiltshire, and Durham Cathedral in Durham.
  • Tina Hiti's website includes blog entries for making natural fruit beverages.
  • The Open Kitchen food market in Ljubljana is held on Fridays from mid-March to October.
  • A recipe for the traditional beef soup called goveja glasba, which is often served at Sunday dinner in Slovenia.

Program Extras

More with Pal Johansen - Pal Johansen explains how political coalitions govern in Norway, which allows a number of parties a role at the table. He also tells us why he is glad to be billed for Norway's public broadcasting services. (runs 4:39)