Program 562: Walking Amsterdam; European Hiking Trails; Ask Rick

Release Date: 04-27-2019


To celebrate King's Day in the Netherlands, tour guides for Amsterdam join us to recommend strategies for enjoying this scenic city on foot. Then the author of "Explore Europe on Foot" makes the case for exploring Europe via its long-distance hiking trails — at your own pace and away from the crowds. And listeners get Rick's advice on their summer vacation plans.


  • Rolinka Bloeming, tour guide from The Netherlands
  • Tim Tendick, tour guide to The Netherlands
  • Cassandra Overby, author of "Explore Europe on Foot" (Mountaineers Press)

Additional Info

  • Many of the major attractions in Amsterdam are closed on King's Day, April 27.
  • Rolinka Bloeming operates an off-the-grid eco retreat center, called Ferrairolles, in the southwest of France. Tim Tendick writes about his travel adventures on the Vagabond Urges website.
  • Cassandra Overby is the author of "Explore Europe on Foot," which lists mile by mile information for 15 long distance walking trails.
  • Cassandra uses an app from Gaia to download hiking trail maps to her phone.
  • Descriptions of what you'll find on dozens of the GR long-distance footpaths across France. 
  • Rick suggests that caller Craig contact London Walks for short, themed tours of the city.

Program Extras

More with Rolinka Bloeming - Rolinka Bloeming explains how Amsterdam's merchant heritage remains alive and well since the 17th century. And Tim Tendick cautions against the one thing some tourists do that really upsets the locals in the heart of Amsterdam. (runs 2:01)