Program 564: Paddle Pilgrim Norway; Spain 2019; In Praise of Wasting Time

Release Date: 05-18-2019


A memoirist describes the challenges and delights of kayaking Norway's spectacular fjords, then tour guides from Madrid share tips for planning a memorable trip to Spain. And author Alan Lightman discusses the value of unplugging as a way of better understanding and appreciating the world around us.


  • David Ellingson, author of the "Paddle Pilgrim" memoir series (self-published)
  • Jorge Román and Nygil Murrell, tour guides from Madrid
  • MIT physics/humanities professor Alan Lightman, author of "In Praise of Wasting Time" (TED Books)

Additional Info

  • David R. Ellingson has written three books about his expedition kayaking trips to Norway, across New York State, and down the entire Mississippi River, in his "Paddle Pilgrim" series. His website includes a documentary feature he made about his latest adventure in Norway.
  • Jorge Román is a Spanish tour guide based in Madrid.
  • Nygil Murrell teaches wine appreciation in Madrid, and leads tour groups around Spain.
  • Rick's team provides additional information on visiting Spain.
  • Alan Lightman is a Professor of the Practice of the Humanities at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and author of "In Praise of Wasting Time."
  • Alan's "TEDx talk" at Wellesley College is about the value of unstructured time every day.
  • Alan spoke about what he discovered "Searching for Stars on an Island in Maine" on Travel with Rick Steves program #549 in December 2018.