Program 570: The French; Paris Nightlife

Release Date: 07-13-2019


The authors of "The Bonjour Effect" noticed that many problems foreigners encounter in France aren't due to not knowing the language, but rather not knowing how the French expect you to communicate with them. Now that their book has been translated into French, they tell us how their work has been received in France. And Rick shares tips for enjoying the Paris nightlife with two younger-generation tour guides, including his son, Andy!


  • Julie Barlow and Jean-Benoit Nadeau, authors of "The Bonjour Effect" and "The Story of French" (St. Martin's Press)
  • Tour guide Lola Altman
  • Tour guide Andy Steves, author of "Andy Steves' Europe" (Avalon)

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Haiku Awards

Wine, cheese, and baguette
Picnicking with my true love
Paris lights twinkle.
— Erika Brenen, St. Petersburg, Florida


With bikes and a tent 
we camped in Bois du Boulogne.
Paris felt like home.
— Judy and John Collins, Coronado, California


Stick shift rental cars.
How to put it in reverse?
Shamed by a Peugeot.
— Owen Martikan, Fairfax, California