Program 572: Swiss Differences; EU Challenges; Elegant Hungary

Release Date: 07-27-2019


Tour guides from across Europe discuss the European Union — and why Switzerland stands apart from its neighbors by not being an EU member. Plus, tour guides from Budapest recommend what to look for when you visit Hungary.


  • Tour guide Fabian Rueger
  • Tour guide Mirjam Grob
  • Political analyst/tour guide Hilbren Buys, from Brussels
  • Martin DeLewandowicz, tour guide/archeologist from Wales
  • Budapest-based tour guides Monika Posch and George Farkas

Additional Info

  • Hilbren Buys also leads custom food-themed tours in Brussels.
  • Saint Andrew (Szentendre), Esztergom, and Godollo are recommended historical towns to visit in the Danube Bend region, not far from Budapest. Rick also likes the university city of Pécs, in southern Hungary.

Haiku Awards

Captivating awe
Spanish black and white mural
Innocent anguish
— Dr. Todd Horwitz, Tampa, Florida


Sidewalks of Lisbon
Miles and miles of black and white
Art beneath your soles.
— Curt and Tiffany Schroeder, Portland, Oregon 


Port dances on my
Tongue. White tipped waves gather to
Hear Fado's guitars.
— Staci Backaukas, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania