Program 577: Magellan 500; Mexico City Neighborhoods; Ask Rick

Release Date: 09-14-2019


Find out why Portugal isn't jumping on the Magellan 500th-anniversary bandwagon like their neighbors in Spain are. Then, guidebook author Julie Meade tells Rick which neighborhoods of Mexico City are the most fun to visit.


  • Cristina Duarte, tour guide based in Lisbon
  • Robert Wright, tour guide based in Seville
  • Julie Meade, author of the Moon Mexico City and Moon San Miguel de Allende guidebooks

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More with Cristina Duarte & Robert Wright - Which Portuguese sailor really was the first person to sail around the world, and prove the earth is round? Tour guides Cristina Duarte and Robert Wright explain to Rick how Ferdinand Magellan really was the first sailor to circumnavigate the earth, even though he was killed halfway through the voyage we commemorate from 500 years ago. (runs 1:43)