Program 578: Walking Ljubljana; Munich and Bavaria; Wild Animals

Release Date: 09-21-2019


The co-author of Rick's Eastern Europe guidebook and a Ljubljana-based tour guide discuss the laid-back charms of Slovenia's capital. Then a tour guide from Munich explains how to become a temporary Bavarian at Oktoberfest. And an adventure traveler shares why even the creepiest critters deserve a little respect.


  • Cameron Hewitt, co-author of the "Rick Steves Eastern Europe" guidebooks
  • Barbara Jakopič, tour guide based in Ljubljana, Slovenia
  • Munich-born tour guide Daniela Wedel
  • Adventure traveler Marty Essen, author of "Endangered Edens" (Encante Press)

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Program Extras

More with Marty Essen - Wilderness explorer Marty Essen tells Rick about learning to view camouflaged animals on a wilderness hike, the importance of watching your step where deadly snakes are known to hang out, and the tiny poison dart frog. (runs 3:33)