Program 579: Kerouac's Firewatch; Erosion; USA National Parks

Release Date: 10-05-2019


British travel writer Dan Richards describes his hike to the remote post in Washington's North Cascades where Jack Kerouac spent two months as a fire lookout. Then author and naturalist Terry Tempest Williams describes how the processes of erosion define the Utah desert landscape she calls home, and how understanding them can provide a helpful perspective on our civic and social territory, as well as our physical. And photographer and guidebook writer Becky Lomax shares more of her favorite experiences in America's national parks.


  • Dan Richards, RLF Fellow at Bristol University, and author of "Outpost: A Journey to the Wild Ends of the Earth" (Canongate)
  • Terry Tempest Williams, author of "Erosion: Essays of Undoing" (Sarah Crichton Books)
  • Becky Lomax, author of the "National Parks USA" guidebook (Moon)

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Program Extras

More with Terry Tempest Williams - Terry Tempest Williams tells us more about how she views the physical erosion of her home turf in the Utah desert, as she grapples with home sickness while working at the Harvard Divinity School in Cambridge, Massachusetts. (runs 5:21)