Program 580: Villages of Tuscany; Megafauna

Release Date: 10-12-2019


American-born tour guides who've settled in Tuscany tell us why it's an ideal region for experiencing the essence of Italy. And the curator of mammalogy at the American Museum of Natural History tells us what scientists are learning about the fantastic beasts that used to roam the Earth — as they investigate why they went extinct.


  • Karen Kibby, tour guide based in Livorno, Italy
  • Anna Piperato, tour guide based in Siena, Italy
  • Paleo-mammalogist Ross MacPhee, curator for the American Museum of Natural History and author of "End of the Megafauna" (W. W. Norton)   

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More with Ross MacPhee - Ross MacPhee, the curator of mammals at the American Museum of Natural History, explains to Rick what scientists mean when they refer to us entering into a sixth major extinction event on earth. (runs 5:41)