Program 582a: Istria; Wee County Louth; Tides

Release Date: 01-28-2023


Explore two of Europe's less-crowded scenic peninsulas! Rick visits with local tour guides from Pula, on Croatia's Istrian Peninsula, and from Ireland's Cooley Peninsula, an hour north of Dublin in County Louth. Plus marine conservationist Jonathan White explains what he's discovered about the power of the tides around the world — and how they affect you, even if you don't live near the shore.


  • Mariam Abdelghani, tour guide from Pula, Croatia
  • Singer and guide Cathie Ryan, from County Louth, Ireland   
  • Marine conservationist Jonathan White, author of "Tides" (Trinity University Press) 

Related Links

  • Croatia Tourism provides an online guide to the Istrian peninsula.
  • Time Out Croatia provides a guide to the olive oils of Istria.
  • Miriam Abdelghani can be reached on Linked In for custom tour guiding in Croatia.
  • The tourism board in Ireland's County Louth calls it the "land of legends."
  • In Carlingford, on the north shore of the Cooley Peninsula, McCoillte is said to be the "last whisperer to the last remaining leprechauns in Ireland," who he says reside near there.  He offers a  presentation about this, weekends at Noon, from the "leprechaun cave" at Folklore Park, along the shore of Carlingford Lough.  
  • Cathie Ryan has information about her concert dates, workshops and recordings on her website
  • Jonathan White lives by the sea in the San Juan Islands of Washington State. In his book "Tides: The Science and Spirit of the Ocean," he explores the complex tidal forces that affect the earth, and describes where he's traveled, to explore some of the world's most interesting tidal conditions.
  • Tide charts are available for coastlines around the world.

Haiku Awards

Program 582 Ireland Haiku 


Cooley morning: mist
music mystery rise from
heartland of legends
— Kerry Dexter, Tallahassee, Florida


Standing where the high kings sat,
I look across the valley,
Skylark sings.
— Lara Hardin, Escondido, California


It's odd that there's sun;
The traditional moist days
Were not to be had.
— G-Robin Smith, Everett, Washington 


Program Extras

More with Mariam Abdelghani - Mariam Abdelghani tells Rick about the klapa music you'll hear from the a capella choirs in Motovun and southern Croatia, with a sample from Klapa Nostalgiya. (runs 2:08)