Program 584: My Town; Lidia's Flavors of Italy; Wine Expert

Release Date: 11-23-2019


The host of the TV show Lidia's Italy describes how the special of the day varies from region to region in the homes and restaurants of Italy. We'll also hear from a Madrid-based wine expert on tips to better enjoy what you're drinking, and listeners tell us what makes their hometowns feel special.


  • Chef Lidia Bastianich, TV host of "Lidia's Italy" and author of "My American Dream" (Knopf)
  • Madrid-based wine expert Nygil Murrell

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Haiku Awards

Beautiful city
The U.S. best kept secret
Cleveland, Ohio
— Amy Shuman, Cleveland, Ohio


City on the Lake:
Worldly, artistic, friendly,
Sweet Home Chicago!

Nestled by the sea,
charming historical squares
connect Savannah.
— Barbara Martinez, Savannah, Georgia


San Juan bike touring
Spirit soars high and pulls me
Like a big blue sail
— Mike Michalek, Sequim, Washington