Program 584a: My Town; Lidia's Flavors of Italy; Wine Educator

Release Date: 11-19-2022


Listeners tell us what makes their hometowns feel special, then the host of the TV show Lidia's Italy describes the remarkable diversity among the regional cuisines of Italy — and how each naturally features whatever's particularly delicious from a given area. Then a Madrid-based wine expert shares tips for food pairings and fully enjoying what you're drinking.


  • Chef Lidia Matticchio Bastianich, host of "Lidia's Italy" and author of "My American Dream" (Knopf)
  • Madrid-based wine educator Nygil Murrell

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Haiku Awards

Program 584A "Hometown Haiku" awards

Beautiful city
The U.S. best kept secret
Cleveland, Ohio
— Amy Shuman, Cleveland, Ohio


City on the Lake:
Worldly, artistic, friendly,
Sweet Home Chicago! 

Nestled by the sea,
charming historical squares
connect Savannah.
— Barbara Martinez, Savannah, Georgia


San Juan bike touring
Spirit soars high and pulls me
Like a big blue sail
— Mike Michalek, Sequim, Washington