Program 591: Polynesian Explorers; Northern Greece; Greek to Me

Release Date: 01-18-2020


We admire the seafaring prowess of the Polynesians and hear how a cultural faux pas led to Captain James Cook's fateful encounter with 18th-century Hawaiians. Then tour guides from Athens and Thessaloniki recommend attractions to visit in northern Greece, and The New Yorker’s "Comma Queen," Mary Norris, explains what an appreciation for Greek language and mythology can add to your own Greek odyssey.


  • Christina Thompson, author of "Sea People: The Puzzle of Polynesia" (Harper)
  • Anastasia Gaitanou, tour guide from Thessaloniki, Greece
  • Apostolos Douras, tour guide from Athens, Greece
  • Filippos Kanakaris, tour guide and theatre director from Athens
  • Mary Norris, author of "Greek To Me: Adventures of the Comma Queen" (W. W. Norton)

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