Program 591: Polynesian Explorers; Northern Greece; Greek To Me

Release Date: 01-18-2020


Tour guides from Athens and Thessaloniki recommend attractions to visit in Northern Greece, and "Comma Queen" Mary Norris explains what a love of Greek language and mythology can add to your own Greece odyssey. We'll also admire the seafaring skills of the Polynesians and hear how a cultural faux pas led to Captain James Cook's fateful encounter with the Hawaiians.


  • Christina Thompson, author of "Sea People: The Puzzle of Polynesia" (Harper)
  • Anastasia Gaitanou, tour guide from Thessaloniki, Greece
  • Apostolos Douras, tour guide from Athens, Greece
  • Filippos Kanakaris, tour guide and theatre director from Athens
  • Mary Norris, author of "Greek To Me: Adventures of the Comma Queen" (W. W. Norton)

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