Program 594: Basque Carnaval; Venice Sinking; Ghosts in Papua New Guinea

Release Date: 02-22-2020


Learn why acqua alta episodes are flooding Venice more frequently — and what it was like to live through a week of near-record floods last November. Hear what it takes to hike across Papua New Guinea on the notorious Kokoda Trail. And discover the traditions behind the February "Carnaval" celebrations in the Basque Country of France and Spain.


  • Agustín Ciriza, Basque tour guide from San Sebastian, Spain
  • Claire Lohiague, Basque tour guide from Hasperran, France
  • Fred Plotkin, author of "Italy for the Gourmet Traveler"  
  • Call-out to Venice-based artist and tour guide Stacy Gibboni
  • Travel writer Rick Antonson, author of "Walking with Ghosts in Papua New Guinea" (Skyhorse Publishing)

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Haiku Awards

She Whispers

Venice is sinking
she whispers
as Vivaldi plays

Couples sway
while the earthboat
floats on
water rising

Reaching for a hand
firmly tucked
in pockets closed
to a lover's grasp

Palazzos and pigeons
Gondolas in moonlight
Bridges that sigh

She wonders

Is Venice sinking
am I?

— Maureen Mullin, Virginia Beach, VA

Program Extras

More with Listeners - Back in 2007, listener Maureen Mullin of Virginia Beach sent us a lovely poem she wrote called “Venice is Sinking.” Rachel Unck read it for us on Travel with Rick Steves program #105. (runs :43)