Program 607: Romantic Bridges and Little Museums of Paris; Burgundy

Release Date: 07-11-2020


There's always something new to discover and enjoy when you visit Paris. We'll take a closer look at the beautiful bridges that set the stage for a romantic walk along the Seine as well as the marvels and delights you can find in the city's many specialty museums and galleries. And for the pleasure of slowing down to savor the moment, we'll explore Burgundy, a couple hours south of the capital.


  • Elaine Sciolino, author of "The Seine: The River that Made Paris" (W. W. Norton)
  • Emma Jacobs, author of "The Little(r) Museums of Paris: An Illustrated Guide to the City's Hidden Gems" (RunningPress)
  • Julie Sonveau, tour guide based in Burgundy 
  • Patrick Vidal, French tour guide based in Brittany

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