Program 612: Inland West Coast Roadtrips; Making Scottish Music; Oddball English Festivals

Release Date: 08-29-2020


Explore the traditions of Scotland in a special studio concert with folk musicians Jim and Susie Malcolm. We'll also look at some of the quirkier festivals you can find in England. And we'll get you ready to cruise the inland back roads of California and the Pacific Northwest, in search of farm stands, scenic parks, and gentle touches of Americana.


  • Chandler O'Leary, author of "The Best Coast: A Road Trip Atlas" (Sasquatch Books)
  • Scottish folk singers Jim and Susie Malcolm
  • Gillian Chadwick, tour guide based in London 
  • Tom Hooper, tour guide based in London
  • Roy Nichols, tour guide based in Dorset

Additional Info

  • Chandler O'Leary highlights both the coastal and inland routes along the U.S. West Coast in her book "The Best Coast: A Road Trip Atlas."  Chandler also makes reprints of many of her sketches available at her website.
  • Jim Malcolm's website includes samples from his CDs, photos and blog entries, and concert touring dates.
  • You can listen to Jim's earlier appearances on Travel with Rick Steves, on program #551 from January 2019, and on program #392A in January 2018.
  • British tour guides Gillian Chadwick, Tom Hooper, and Roy Nichols can all be reached from the Facebook page for Great British Tours.
  • Roy also posts photos and blog entries about the backroads of England on his Travel with Roy website.
  • The Cotswold Olympick Games have a more than 400-year-old history, but were cancelled in 2020 because of the Covid epidemic.