Program 615: Places to Fly Fish; Monsoon Postcards; Copenhagen

Release Date: 09-26-2020


Get inspired to fly-fish in some of the world's most beautiful waters; hear what challenges people overcome every day in the countries that border the Indian Ocean; and get ready to enjoy yourself in convivial Copenhagen.


  • Chris Santella, author of "Why I Fly Fish" and the "50 Places" recreation guidebook series (Abrams Books)
  • David Mould, author of "Monsoon Postcards" (Ohio University Press)
  • Copenhagen-native tour guide Nina Seffusatti

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Program Extras

More with David Mould - Researcher David Mould, author of "Monsoon Postcards," explains to Rick the lasting colonial legacy in South Asia, and how Bangladesh and Pakistan were formed as independent. (runs 4:40)