Program 621: Italian Wine and Music; Nomadland USA

Release Date: 11-28-2020


Jessica Bruder, author of the book that the new movie "Nomadland" is based on, tells us how she learned firsthand how thousands of older Americans survive on seasonal temp work while living in RVs. We'll also hear about the wines Italians prefer and the songs that get requested the most in Italy. Plus, Rick describes the "bella chaos" he's enjoyed when strolling the streets of Naples.


  • Tour guide Alfredo Vitale, based in the Campania region of Italy   
  • Tour guide Francesco Gronchi, based in Volterra, Tuscany
  • David Tordi and bandmates Gabriele "Svedonio" Tardiolo and Valerio Bellocchio from Orvieto, Italy-based band "Bartender"
  • Jessica Bruder, author of "Nomadland" (W. W. Norton)

Additional Info

  • Tuscany-based wine docent Francesco Gronchi can be reached at the Tuscan Sommelier website.
  • Alfredo Vitale has the Cooking with Alcavi page on Instagram.
  • David Tordi is the lead singer with the Orvieto, Italy-based band Bartender, and offers cultural tour guiding services, including You Tube cultural lectures on Italy.
  • Jessica Bruder is the author of "Nomadland: Surviving America in the Twenty-First Century."
  • The movie Nomadland, starring Frances McDormand, is scheduled for release December 4, 2020.  It has been a hit at the Toronto, Venice, and New York Film Festivals.
  • Information about applying to work in the Camperforce at Amazon.
  • Jessica notes that the Workamper News website and Workers on Wheels are good resources for finding and listing temporary jobs for people who are fulltime campers.

Program Extras

More with Francesco Gronchi - Francesco Gronchi tells Rick how he gets paid to drink good wine, and how his approach to wine has evolved over the years as an official sommelier in Tuscany. (runs 4:49)

More with Jessica Bruder - Jessica Bruder, author of "Nomadland," describes the 19-foot 1995 GMC Vandora, which she drove to our studio in 2017. She called it “Van Halen” and lived in it for the two years she traveled the country as a "working nomad." She also expands on the "vamily style" camaraderie that campers can find at the annual Rubber Tramp Rendezvous, held in January near Parker, Arizona. (runs 4:31)