Program 624: Greek Mythology Sites; National Parks Year; Travel Memories

Release Date: 01-02-2021


Guides from Greece tell us about the significant places you can visit to better understand the world of the ancient Greeks. Journalist Conor Knighton describes how he made an epic New Year's resolution happen by visiting all of America's National Parks in 12 months. And listeners share their standout travel memories, as we await the chance to explore the world again.


  • Filippos Kanakaris, tour guide and theatre director from Athens, Greece
  • Ioanna Papakosta, tour guide from Patras, Greece
  • Journalist Conor Knighton, author of "Leave Only Footprints" (Crown)

Additional Info

  • Rick offers sightseeing tips for viewing and appreciating the ancient world.
  • Tour guide Ioanna Papakosta is based in Patras, Greece, where she offers tours of the Greek mainland and Peloponnese.
  • Filippos Kanakaris is associated with the Syn Dromos contemporary theatre company in Athens.
  • Conor Knighton writes about visiting each of 59 US National Parks in one year, in his book, "Leave Only Footprints."
  • CBS Sunday Morning features an excerpt from Conor's audio book on its website.
  • Conor Knighton gives further details about his year of national parks in his earlier Travel with Rick Steves appearance on program 616, from October 2020.
  • Caller Michael from Denver has created a website about his small-town travels in Europe.