Program 626: Unraveling America; Spanish Civil War Sites; Photogenic Scotland

Release Date: 01-23-2021


A Canadian observer of America's malaise offers what he calls an "intervention" to his friends in the USA. Plus, we'll explore Spain's civil war with a pair of Spanish tour guides whose families still feel the after-effects of the Franco era decades later. And we make time to find beauty in the Gothic stained-glass marvel of Saint-Chappelle in Paris and the photogenic landscapes of Scotland.


  • University of British Columbia anthropologist Wade Davis
  • Federico García Barroso, tour guide from Madrid
  • Francisco Glária, tour guide from Pamplona, Spain
  • Art history expert Gene Openshaw, co-author of Rick Steves Europe's Top 100 Masterpieces (Avalon Travel)
  • tour guide/nature photographer James Macletchie, from Uist, Scotland 

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