Program 629: Loving French Cheese; More Cities of China; Carnival in Venice & Rhineland

Release Date: 02-13-2021


While this year's Mardi Gras parties were called off because of the pandemic, we'll bring you a virtual celebration of Carnival — a social safety valve for letting off steam since the Middle Ages in Venice and Cologne. We'll also explore more of China's booming megacities with the head of the Young China Group and enjoy the local artisan cheeses you can find all over France.


  • Kathe Lison, author of "The Whole Fromage" (Crown)  
  • Zak Dychtwald, author of "Young China" (St. Martin's Press)
  • Stacy Gibboni, artist and tour guide based in Venice, Italy 
  • German tour guide Fabian Rueger

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Haiku Awards

Spokes awry, inverted

umbrella on holy ground

bird bath baptismal

— Presley Vischniac, Missoula, Montana 


Canopy quakes, aim

Orangutan plummets. Run!

Shell-shocked? Perfect shot

— Korina and Danya Gordin, Boston, Massachusetts  


Like lovely inkblots

Bluefield's namesake erupts

each year — chicory

— Andrea Brunais, Bluefield, West Virginia 


Went to find a girl

But fell in love with Europe

She is my true love

— Daniel Koppel, Columbus, Ohio