Program 635: The Habsburgs; Lost in the Pond; Arabic Friends

Release Date: 04-17-2021


Laurence Brown explores a few of the memos that must have gotten "lost in the pond" between the US and Britain. Zora O'Neill tells us how studying the Arabic language might not prepare you for talking to everyday people in today's Arab world. And hear how the most important royal family in Europe earned their titles the old fashioned way — by marrying into them.


  • Benjamin Curtis, author of "The Habsburgs: The History of a Dynasty" (Bloomsbury)
  • Eszter Bokros, tour guide from Budapest
  • Laurence Brown, host of the "Lost in the Pond" You Tube video series
  • Zora O'Neill, author of "All Strangers Are Kin" (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt)

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Program Extras

More with Laurence Brown - Laurence Brown, host of the "Lost in the Pond" video series, tells Rick the three things he missed the most about Britain after he moved to Indiana. (runs 2:52)