Program 636: Athens Neighborhoods; Digital Nomads; Venice Lagoon

Release Date: 04-24-2021


An American "digital nomad" tells us how he's figured out how to work from home, overseas in the Republic of Georgia. Guides from Athens tell us how their city became a cleaner, more attractive metropolis for exploring ancient and modern Greece after they spiffed up for the 2004 Olympics. And we wade into the issues behind the flooding that often threatens Venice.


  • Apostolos Douras, tour guide from Athens, Greece
  • Filippos Kanakaris, tour guide and theatre director from Athens
  • Mike Swigunski, author of "Global Career:  How to Work Anywhere and Travel Forever" (self-published)
  • Fred Plotkin, Italophile author of "Italy for the Gourmet Travelers" (Kyle Books)
  • Stacy Gibboni, artist and tour guide from Venice

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Haiku Awards

She Whispers

Venice is sinking
she whispers
as Vivaldi plays

Couples sway
while the earthboat
floats on
water rising

Reaching for a hand
firmly tucked
in pockets closed
to a lover's grasp

Palazzos and pigeons
Gondolas in moonlight
Bridges that sigh

She wonders

Is Venice sinking
am I?

— Maureen Mullin of Virginia Beach, Virginia