Program 638: Sailing in Oslo; Underland; Beyond Amsterdam

Release Date: 05-15-2021


There's a largely unknown world to explore, right beneath your feet. Author Robert Macfarlane tells us what he finds intriguing about the "Underland." Plus, hop aboard for a sail to Oslo. And Dutch tour guides help us plan a trip to the Netherlands, where they recommend Haarlem, cycling to the sea, and other attractions beyond the usual sights in Amsterdam.


  • Norwegian tour guide Pål Johansen
  • Robert Macfarlane, author of "Underland" (Norton)
  • Dutch tour guides Hans de Kefte and Jody van Engelsdorp

Additional Info

  • Pål Johansen offers private tours in Norway and Scandinavia, and posts videos about his life in Oslo on his YouTube channel.
  • Robert Macfarlane published Underland in 2019 to critical acclaim; it is now available in paperback.  Robert teaches Environmental Humanities in the English department at Emmanuel College at Cambridge University, and posts frequently to his Twitter account.
  • Robert Macfarlane talks to Rick about two particularly mysterious landscapes in England, which he describes in his book Ghostways, on Travel with Rick Steves program #620 from November 2020.
  • Rick visits Dutch sights "beyond Amsterdam" in Season 8 of his TV show Rick Steves' Europe.
  • The city of Haarlem will update its coronavirus closures on its website.
  • The Dutch Open Air Museum and the Kroller-Muller museum near Arnhem, have been closed to the public during the pandemic.