Program 648: Becoming a Digital Nomad; Window Seat; Spirit of the Grand Canyon

Release Date: 08-14-2021


Get tips on becoming a "digital nomad" from an American who relocated to the Republic of Georgia. Then consider ideas for taking a deeper look at the US as a geologist shares advice on making the most of the view from your next domestic flight, and an Arizona novelist describes how the overwhelming beauty of the Grand Canyon inspires her writing.


  • Mike Swigunski, author of "Global Career:  How to Work Anywhere and Travel Forever" (self-published)
  • Geologist James  S. Jackson, instructor at Portland State University, and co-author of “America From the Air”  (Houghton Mifflin)
  • Margaret Erhart, Grand Canyon guide and novelist, author of “The Butterflies of Grand Canyon”  (Plume)

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Program Extras

More with Mike Swigunski - Digital nomad Mike Swigunski offers advice about wifi encryption when you're online in other countries. (runs 1:44)

More with Margaret Erhart - Margaret Erhart tells Rick about the perspectives she gets on Grand Canyon from the students she teaches on the Navajo and Hopi Indian reservations. (runs 1:33)