Program 651: Inner Hebrides; Soul of the Family Tree; Ancient Ireland

Release Date: 09-18-2021


Scottish tour guides share their best advice for a spirit-boosting trip to the enchanting isles of Scotland's Inner Hebrides. Then author Lori Erickson invites us to gain a deeper understanding of our own family histories as she describes what she discovered about her Norwegian ancestors — and the realization that her day-to-day life remains influenced by a certain Viking energy. And tour guides from Ireland let us in on their favorite places to connect with the culture of the ancient Celts.


  • Elizabeth Lister, tour guide based in Fife, Scotland
  • Colin Mairs, Scottish tour guide, based in Auckland, New Zealand
  • Lori Erickson, author of "The Soul of the Family Tree" (Westminster John Knox Press)
  • Joe Darcy, tour guide based in Dublin
  • Stephen McPhilemy, tour guide based in Dingle, Ireland
  • Ireland feature narrated by Sarah McCormic

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Program Extras

More with Liz Lister - Liz Lister further explains to Rick the importance of the Highland Clearances in Scottish history, and why you might still see abandoned crofter houses in the Hebrides. (runs 2:18)

More with Lori Erickson - Lori Erickson, author of "The Soul of the Family Tree," and Rick describe how to access early Nordic history, from reading Viking rune stones to visiting ancient burial sites. (runs 3:53)