Program 654: Best of Bulgaria; Traveling with Disabilities; Chasing the Sun

Release Date: 10-16-2021


Two tour guides from Sofia explain why Bulgaria is one of Europe's most underrated travel destinations (hint: it has a long, fascinating history — and bargain prices). Author Francine Falk-Allen shares know-how and insights for traveling with a physical disability. And author Richard Cohen describes the varied ways human cultures have long celebrated — and feared — our life-giving nearby star.


  • Yuri Boyanin & Stefan Bozadzhiev, tour guides from Sofia, Bulgaria  
  • Francine Falk-Allen, author of "No Spring Chicken"
  • Richard Cohen, author of “Chasing the Sun” (Random House)

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Program Extras

More with Francine Falk-Allen - Francine Falk-Allen, author of "No Spring Chicken," explains to Rick how she prefers to travel in less-crowded shoulder seasons. She adds how she is able to use a mobility scooter at Yosemite National Park, and how taxis are easier to use now in large cities. Francine and Rick also note how larger cruise lines often make accommodation for physically challenged travelers. (runs 4:56)