Program 655: SF East Bay; A Week in London; Climate Crucible

Release Date: 10-23-2021


Roman Mars, host of the podcast "99 Percent Invisible," describes some of his favorite examples of clever design from his home turf in Oakland and Berkeley. Then two tour guides from London team up with Rick to recommend an ideal sightseeing week in the British capital. And poet and essayist Lisa Wells shares the insights — and optimism — she gained from interviewing a geographically and ideologically wide range of people battling climate change by improving their own communities.


  • Roman Mars, author of "The 99 Percent Invisible City" (HMH-Mariner Books)
  • Steven Back, London-based tour guide
  • Robert Halkett, London-based tour guide   
  • Lisa Wells, author of "Believers: Making a Life at the End of the World" (FSG)

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Program Extras

Week in London - London tour guides Steven Back and Robert Halkett tell Rick what nicknames the locals have given to the city's tallest skyscrapers, and share tips for getting the best views of the city. (runs 2:19)

Lisa Wells - Lisa Wells describes two people she profiles in her book "Believers": the recently-departed leader of the "Prairie Faeries" who planted native vegetation in the deserts of the Western US, and a Native elder who's been advocating for landscapes in the meadows of California's Sierra Nevada. (runs 4:52)