Program 656: On Travel Writing; Antarctic Madhouse; Enchantress of Florence

Release Date: 11-06-2021


Join Rick on a dip into the deeper end of travel literature as he talks with travel essayist Pico Iyer about writing from the heart, then with author Julian Sanction, who recounts the gripping story of a polar expedition stuck in Antarctic ice over 100 years ago. And Salman Rushdie takes us back 500 years to describe some of the key figures of Renaissance Italy and Moghul India.


  • Pico Iyer, author of "Autumn Light" and "A Beginner's Guide to Japan" (Knopf)
  • Julian Sancton, author of "Madhouse at the End of the Earth" (Random House)
  • Salman Rushdie, author of "The Enchantress of Florence" (Random House) 

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Program Extras

More with Salman Rushdie - In his 2008 interview, Rick asked Salman Rushdie about the "fatwa" death sentence that Ayatollah Kohmeini declared against him in 1989, a few months after Rushdie's book "The Satanic Verses" was published. At the time, some Muslims considered a plot line that involved the prophet Mohammed to be offensive. Rushdie explains how the assassination call from the Iranian government eventually disappeared. (runs 1:28)