Program 657: Perillo Family Italy; Soul of South Korea; Visiting Europe Now

Release Date: 11-13-2021


Tour operator Steve Perillo describes his family's connection to a scenic town near Naples, and why he's so eager to return. Then travel writer Chaney Kwak explains why Seoul is an ideal introduction to traveling in Asia, and recommends a relaxing island counterpoint to the bustling Korean capital. And Rick and his frequent collaborator Cameron Hewitt fill us in on what they encountered on their first European trips since the pandemic began.


  • Steve Perillo, CEO Perillo Tours
  • Travel writer Chaney Kwak
  • Cameron Hewitt, senior content manager at Rick Steves' Europe

Additional Info

Steve Perillo is CEO of Perillo Tours. He speaks with the National Organization of Italian-Americans in Film & Television about the impacts of the covid pandemic on his tour business.

Chaney Kwak writes about his near-tragic Arctic cruise ship experience in "The Passenger," which he describes in detail on Travel with Rick Steves program #641 from June, 2021.

Chaney offers advice for sampling the best of Seoul in three days, and profiles the diving women of Jeju Island in an article that ran in Hemispheres magazine.

Cameron Hewitt shares observations from his latest trip to Europe on his travel blog and Facebook page.

Program Extras

More with Chaney Kwak - Chaney Kwak explains how cosmetic surgery and beauty treatments have become popular with both women and men in Korea. (runs 2:08)