Program 659: Lyon; Building a Beloved Community; Influential Iceland

Release Date: 12-04-2021


A pair of French tour guides tell us why Lyon is one of their favorite places in France. Then the president of the social-justice nonprofit Sojourners describes how the example set by Martin Luther King, Jr., inspires his work within religious communities in America. And a journalist from Iceland points out his country's surprising degree of influence on the world stage.


  • French tour guides Virginie Moré and Patrick Vidal
  • Sojourners President Adam Russell Taylor, author of "A More Perfect Union" (Broadleaf Books)
  • Egill Bjarnason, author of "How Iceland Changed the World" (Penguin Books)

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Program Extras

More with Egill Bjarnason - Icelandic journalist Egill Bjarnason explains how an "anti-incest dating app" serves as a virtual lifeguard at the gene pool, to check your genealogy back dozens of generations, and show how closely related you may be to another Icelander. (runs 1:46)