Program 665: Surprises from Boring Places; Sidecountry; Dakar, Senegal

Release Date: 02-05-2022


We consider how visiting second- and third-tier destinations — places some might dismiss as "boring" — can lead to the most rewarding travel experiences. And two New York Times journalists take us on a pair of journeys: first to the world of offbeat — and often mortally dangerous — athletic achievements, and then to the Atlantic-seaside attractions of Dakar, Senegal's lively capital.


  • Eric Weiner, author of "The Socrates Express" (Avid Reader Press-Simon & Schuster)
  • New York Times sports journalist John Branch, author of "Sidecountry" (W. W. Norton)
  • New York Times politics reporter Dionne Searcey, author of "In Pursuit of Disobedient Women" (Ballantine)

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Program Extras

More with Eric Weiner - Eric Weiner explains what he means by calling the Swiss "reticent." (runs 1:08)

More with John Branch - John Branch tells us about a bowler from Ravenna, Michigan, whose story is among the favorites he's ever written for the New York Times. John also explains how his reporting on the risks of diving for abalone off the California coast, spurred the state government to ban the practice. (runs 2:18)