Program 668: Ancient Ohio Trail; Endangered Places 2022; Atlas Obscura Curiosities

Release Date: 03-05-2022


Learn about the Ancient Ohio Trail and its cluster of mysterious geometric earthworks left behind by pre-Columbian "mound builder" cultures. Then find out which cultural treasures — architecture, landscapes, townscapes — have been added to the World Monuments Fund's most recent list of endangered sites. And hear about some of the more curious places and things held dear by people around the world.


  • Lori Erickson, author of "Near the Exit" and "Soul of the Family Tree" (Westminster John Knox Press)
  • Dr. Jonathan Bell, vice-president of programs, World Monuments Fund
  • "Atlas Obscura" co-founder and creative director Dylan Thuras 

Additional Info

  • Lori Erickson writes about important ancient Hopewell and mound builders sites along the Ancient Ohio Trail on her website.
  • The Ohio History Center has details on the Serpent Mound, the world's largest effigy mound.
  • The World Monuments Fund has selected 25 sites for its 2022 Watch.  The latest list was revealed on March 1, 2022.  WMF is based in New York City, with affiliate offices in London, Mumbai, Lima, Lisbon and Madrid.  Dr. Jonathan Bell is their vice-president of programs.
  • Dylan Thuras is a co-founder of Atlas Obscura.  He also co-authored their recent title "Gastro Obscura," and "The Atlas Obscura Explorer's Guide for the World's Most Adventurous Kid" in 2018.
  • Dylan and his team explore the "miracle berry" on the Gastro Obscura website.

Program Extras

More with Jonathan Bell - Jonathan Bell from the World Monuments Fund explains to Rick how their agency is funded. (runs 1:53)