Program 670: Weekend in Brussels; The Temporary European; My Town

Release Date: 03-26-2022


A Brussels-based tour guide offers his recommendations for making the most of a weekend in the Belgian capital. Then one of Rick's co-authors joins us to explore what it means to become a "temporary local" when traveling, and how it can help you actually relax on your next vacation. And listeners share ideas for enjoying areas they know well, as long-term locals — including Maine's Acadia National Park and the art museums of St. Petersburg, Florida.


  • Brussels tour guide Hilbren Buys
  • Cameron Hewitt, author of "The Temporary European" (Travelers Tales)

Additional Info

  • The Rick Steves online guide to Brussels.
  • A guide to museums in Brussels includes the Tram Museum Hilbren recommends.
  • Lonely Planet calls Les Marolles the best neighborhood in Brussels for you to feel like a local.
  • Since we recorded our interview with Hilbren Buys, he has relocated to Paris, and now works with "Click and" a company that charters boats and riverboats to the public.
  • Readers at have high praise for Cameron Hewitt's new book, "The Temporary European." 
  • Cameron Hewitt shares photos and thoughts in his blog entries. He also includes photos and updates from his latest travels on Facebook
  • Caller Carol recommends the glass art exhibits at the Imagine Museum and viewing the Salvador Dali works at the Dali Museum in St. Petersburg, Florida.