Program 678: Hiking in England; British Footnotes; High Tea in London

Release Date: 06-04-2022


Two English tour guides discuss a time-honored way to enjoy the British countryside: "rambling" along Britain's well-marked system of hiking trails. Then author Peter Fiennes describes his cross-country journeys in the footsteps of great British writers, and what his travels revealed about how much the UK has changed in recent years. And Rick learns about the rightfully revered tradition of afternoon tea — and the best places to make it an occasion in London.


  • English tour guides Lorraine Dineen and Deborah Heyburn
  • Peter Fiennes, author of "Footnotes: A Journey Round Britain in the Company of Great Writers" and "A Thing of Beauty" (Oneworld Publications)
  • London-based tour guide Britt Lonsdale

Additional Info

Haiku Awards

High school travel group
Four countries in six short days
Where is Taco Bell?
— Karen Bray, Columbus, Indiana


Travel with adult child
No more burgers to eat
When can I stop footing the bill?
— Annetta Miller, Marion, Illinois


Buckingham Palace,
Big Ben, The Tate, Shakespeare's Globe.
We mainly do pubs.
— Imozelle McVeigh, Chula Vista, California


Backpacking with Meg,
She, a guy magnet, not me.
We, fending off men. 

He said, "I love you!
Look me! American girl!
I want marry you!" 

Traveling abroad
Too bad we tourists stick out.
Loud, lost, impatient.
— Sarah Tuttle, Corvallis, Oregon

Program Extras

More with Lorraine Dineen and Deborah Heyburn - English tour guides Lorraine Dineen and Deborah Heyburn describe the different kinds of gates, and weather, you're likely to encounter whilst hiking in England. (runs 2:07)