Program 686: New Orleans by Foot; The Orchestra Conductor

Release Date: 08-20-2022


Tour guides from New Orleans examine the historical, musical, and culinary elements that make their city one of the most exceptional places anywhere in North America. They also share their top recommendations for exploring the city and discuss the merits of a pay-what-you-like model for city walking tours. And an associate conductor with the Seattle Symphony gives us a view from the conductor's podium while describing some of his favorite US venues for reveling in live classical-music performances.


  • Andrew Farrier and Sandy Hester, guides with Free Tours by Foot New Orleans
  • Associate Seattle Symphony Orchestra conductor Lee Mills

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Haiku Awards

Program 335 Road Trip Haiku Awards

Summertime roadtrip.
Load up the car with children.
Fill tank, keep driving.
— Starla Little, Beaufort, South Carolina.


Niagara Falls
Antsy three year old daughter
Honeymoon on hold.
— Priscilla Morin, San Diego, California  


Three syllables from
Just four letters, it's more than
You think, Ohio.
— Rick Hyde, Hiram, Ohio 


Best people watching
in Austin: Broken Spoke on
a Saturday night

Singing Cream at free
High Ball karaoke, sounds
like tired starlings

Austin never met
geezer singers, tattoos or
dogs it didn't like."
— Neil Ruddy, Carlisle, Iowa