Program 691: Climate Change Watch; The Art of Rome; Seeing the Ancient World

Release Date: 10-08-2022


Learn to see Rome — the way the ancient Romans did — as the opulent and innovative city that gave Europe a common culture. Look closer at the even more-ancient worlds of the Greeks and Egyptians, and what their antiquities can tell us about their lives. And find out what's being done to protect important cultural sites today from the ravages of the world's changing climate.


  • Dr. Jonathan Bell, vice-president of programs, World Monuments Fund
  • Gene Openshaw, lead writer for the "Rick Steves Art of Europe" TV series
  • Call-out to Rome-based tour guide Francesca Caruso
  • Greece-based tour guide Anastasia Gaitanou
  • Egypt-based tour guide Colin Clement

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Program Extras

More with Jonathan Bell - Rick talks with Jonathan Bell of the World Monuments Fund, about historic water systems under threat by climate change-related issues. Jonathan explains what’s happening to historic aquifers that feed a series of community water fountains in Nepal’s Kathmandu Valley. (runs 2:31)