Program 703: Yucatan Holiday; Ambassador to Switzerland; Finding Atlantis

Release Date: 02-04-2023


Author Mark Adams reveals four possible Mediterranean locations where the legendary lost city of Atlantis could have been. The former U-S Ambassador to Switzerland tells us what it's like representing American interests in a country known for its neutrality. Plus, a longtime resident of Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula describes what to look for when you venture out beyond Cancun.


  • Ellen Fields, founder of the "Yucatan Living" website
  • Former U.S. Ambassador to Switzerland and Liechtenstein Suzan LeVine
  • Mark Adams, author of "Meet Me in Atlantis"  (Dutton)

Additional Info

  • Ellen Fields is the "working gringa" who ran the English-language Yucatan Living website for many years.  She discusses the types of traditional music found in the Yucatan on the site.
  • The official tourism planning website for Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula.
  • The Casa de los Venados is a private home in central Valladolid with an extensive collection of museum-quality folk art from across Mexico.  It's open for visitors to view, most mornings at 10.
  • Suzan G. LeVine was the United States Ambassador to Switzerland from 2014-2017.  She posts at @ambsuzi on Twitter.
  • The website for the U. S. Embassy in Switzerland and Liechtenstein includes links to travel advisories and emergency assistance.  
  • Mark Adams is the author of "Meet Me in Atlantis."
  • The four locations Mark explores as the possible site of Atlantis are Agadir on the Atlantic coast of Morocco, the Greek island of Santorini, the island nation of Malta, and Coto Doñado National Park in southern Spain.
  • Tony O'Connell has updated his Atlantipedia website through December 2022.