Program 711: Greek Godmother; Favorite Athens Neighborhoods; Appreciating Islam; Tibetan Prayer Flags

Release Date: 04-15-2023


Hear about the importance of extended family in Greece, where the honor of being named a godmother comes with real responsibilities, and learn about some of Athens' most interesting neighborhoods — many of which are enjoying an exciting new vitality. Then listen in as an Arab-American Peace Corps veteran describes what he's come to admire about the Islamic religion of many of his friends. And consider the meaning of Tibetan prayer flags, and hear how to properly display them.


  • Greece-based tour guide Maria Sioulas
  • Athens-based tour guide Effie Perperi
  • George Gorayeb, former Peace Corps volunteer
  • Lori Erickson, author of "Near the Exit" and "Soul of the Family Tree" (Westminster John Knox Press)

Additional Info

  • Rick checked in with Maria Sioulas in Greece during the early months of the Covid-19 pandemic on his blog
  • The Rick Steves online destination guide to Athens.
  • A guide to more than three dozen museums in Athens.
  • Efie Perperi is a private tour guide in Athens, and can be contacted on Facebook.
  • George Gorayeb hosted a lecture for a community college in Maryland, in which he outlines his appreciation for the Islamic faith.
  • Lori Erickson investigates her Viking ancestors in her book, "The Soul of the Family Tree."  Her next book, due in September 2023, will center on spiritual locales in the United States.