Program 712: Party of Trees; Vanishing Asia; Living with Caribou

Release Date: 04-22-2023


Journalist Zach Saint George describes the slow-motion migration of several North American tree species seeking to evade environmental threats. Then Wired founder Kevin Kelly lets us in on a massive photography project to document traditions disappearing across a quickly modernizing Asia. And writer Seth Kantner explains what he loves about living off the land near the Arctic Circle, in the wide-open spaces of northwest Alaska.


  • Journalist Zach St. George, author of "The Journeys of Trees"  (W. W. Norton)
  • Futurist Kevin Kelly, senior maverick at Wired magazine
  • Seth Kantner, author of  "A Thousand Trails Home: Living with Caribou" (Mountaineers Books)

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Program Extras

More with Seth Kantner - Seth Kantner describes what it was like for him to grow up as a white kid in an Inupiaq culture in arctic Alaska. (runs 2:08)